“Counselling has worked wonders, Marnie has helped me turn my life around, for all the right reasons” Sarah

‘Thank you for all your support, you are so good at what you do and I feel lucky to have had you as my Counsellor’ Nina

‘Thanks for helping me to find my wings’ Jo

“Marnie has helped my overcome my anxiety and helped me see things in a more positive light” S

“I feel far more relaxed and ready to challenge myself again. I would recommend everyone feeling anxious or stressed to talk to Marnie, above all else. Thank you” Pam

“Everyone I know has noticed a huge difference in me, thankyou so much for your openness and kindness”  D

“I was nervous about coming but so glad I did, its helped me become calmer and more focussed” Ben

“What a journey! So wonderful, helpful and understanding” Jess

“The feeling of some kind of deeper connection with oneself and the universe I felt during the session, has definitely had a lasting effect. Thanks once again. Everyone certainly needs to utilize this wonderful ‘medicine’!” Dan

“A terrific experience, that has helped me to feel regenerated. Marnie was calm, open and nurturing” Anna

“Free Your Voice session last night was fabulous and restorative after a hectic day at work! Highly recommended!” Leila

“Now i just want to sing all the time!” Steve

“Very healing, and helped as a release” Selina

“I loved the pace, the chanting, all of it! Jan

“Its my way to really let loose each week. Since going to the classes I have felt very positive and aware of my voice, it’s a great feeling.” Elaine

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to observe my voice growing and playing.
Quite a joyful thing to behold. Thanks…more please!” OJ

“Now I just feel ridiculously happy!” Danielle