Free Your Voice

This session allows you the freedom to explore your inner voice, through breathing, toning, chanting and singing songs from around the world.
A safe, friendly group where its OK to experiment with your true voice!
People comment on feeling invigorated, relaxed and ready for the week ahead.. Why not give it a try ♥

Mantra Meditation

This group focuses on the magic of mantra, the repetition of sound vibration.
Through chanting the same piece over and over, we begin to allow the conscious mind to switch off and enter into an ego-less, unconscious state of mind.
People enter into lower brainwave frequencies similar to those we have when daydreaming, dozing and even sleeping. A very relaxing experience!
This kind of sounding will:

Induce positive mood
Reduce Anxiety and Stress
Induce feelings of Bliss
Create a feeling of Unity
Bring about physical relaxation and pain relief.

All welcome, no previous experience needed.

1-1 Voice Healing

  • Understanding your relationship with voice
  • Working with limiting beliefs
  • Exploring techniques and practices to build on your inner sound landscape
  • Freeing your true voice

The sessions are tailored to your individual needs, and the aim is for you to become more aware and at ease with your voice.
By connecting again with the freedom and joy it can bring, you will begin to notice improved physical and emotional well-being.

Cost: £60 per session, or Block x 3 for £170 . Sessions last 75mins.

Various Workshops and Retreats

All workshops are designed to allow you more time to discover your authentic self.
A time to open your heart, empower your body and mind ♥
Groups are held in a safe, relaxed and informal way…
There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own, unique inner self.

Workshops previously run include:
Living In the Heart, Abundance and Success, Letting Go, and Compassion.
Residential Retreats
Heart Rest and Soul Song, which has ran 4 times.


Family Free Your Voice Home Ed Sessions

‘Family Free Your Voice’ is a group that explores the magical world of expression through sound.
Through various games, simple songs and chants we begin to allow the inner voice a place where it can be heard and explored.
Allowing children the freedom to ‘get to know’ their inner voices promotes greater self awareness, develops speech and language and  self confidence.
Learning techniques around meditation and relaxation at an early age will equip children with coping skills, as well as helping them gain a greater insight of self and others.
Who’s it for?  3-10yrs (babes welcome with parental support)
This is primarily for Home Educated children, but parents with pre school age children are welcome to come along too.

For information on dates, prices and venue
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